Welcome to the Cat Garden

Art and stories about cats and other critters
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White Cats are Bad Luck

And other cat coat sayings from the 19th century book Mao Yuan

Four Seasons

Join Bun Face as he frolics through the four seasons.

The Wild Ones

Love for the wild felines

Curated Collections

Our virtual collections on Google Arts & Culture focus on art by non-European creators or art featuring non-European subjects. We like European art too, but it’s so easy to find – the art of Europe and its diaspora takes up most of the room on Google Arts and Culture home page, its trending topics and its highlights etc.  We don’t have to go out of our way to look for European art.

For those who prefer a broader view of art, we bring you a unique selection of art from the online galleries of institutions around the world that partner with Google Arts and Culture. Enjoy!

Cat Art

Works by non-European artists

People with Feline Companions

Dog Art

Works by non-European artists

People with Canine Companions

Tiger Art

Works by non-European artists

Jaguar, Puma and Ocelot Art

Lion Art

Works by non-European artists

Rat/Mouse Art

Works created outside Europe